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Vince Breslin

“Lever helped us scale from $100,000 ARR to $2,000,000 ARR and growing”

Customer Story
Uplisting is experiencing 100% YoY growth with Lever.
New York & London

Who are Uplisting?

Uplisting is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that caters to firms and individuals who specialise in vacation rental management. Uplisting allows its customers to run their vacation rental property businesses through a single application, ranging from channel management to automated messaging to increasing bookings.

The Challenge

Uplisting has been self-financed (bootstrapped) from the start and is among the few SaaS providers in their industry that have not sought funding by large venture capital. When the time came to bring their product to market the team at Uplisting understood that they needed to be very wary of how to spend their advertising budget. After talking with a few paid advertising agencies they quickly realised that their budget wasn't going to stretch that far and they probably wouldn't get the expertise they needed for their growth as hiring a big agency was not possible with the available budget.

The Solution

Uplisting initially considered recruiting people through a popular freelancer platform, however, they were uncertain about the quality of service they would receive. At this point they were introduced to Lever (by a family member) and it was clear from the beginning that Lever could offer the level of support that they required and had the knowledge necessary to help jumpstart their growth.

"Lever hires vetted experts so we didn't need to spend weeks or potentially months looking for a freelancer. We hired Lever and they took care of the rest."

The Results

When we begin working with customers, the initial step is to get a clear understanding of their business, their target customers and the current customer journey. From this information we're able to build a picture of the market, the competitive landscape and how we should target the advertising. With this in place we build an initial strategy based on the advertising budget from here we test and learn continuously to improve conversion rates, CPA's and targeting.

The results are still on going with Uplisting but to date we've helped:

  • Grow revenue 100% YoY for the past two years
  • 5X increase in Free Trials per month
  • 4X increase in customers per month
Growth in free trial conversions

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